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These cards are made by young women living in Alto Cayma, a settlement on the outskirts of the city of Arequipa, Peru. The people in this settlement have moved down from remote mountain villages to try to make a better life for themselves and their families. They arrive with few skills with which to make a living in the city, and the women help support their families by cleaning houses, taking in washing, or performing other manual labor for very low wages. With support from Rotary International, the women are being taught to do handicrafts as a means of increasing their earning potential. These cards, which are the result of that enterprise, have enabled someone to help themself significantly improve the quality of life of their family.

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Creaciones Angel
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If paying by check, make payable and mail to: Jim Hintz, 14618 South Brent Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078.  Choose from the collections below: Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of these handmade cards.
Iris button Iris
(Folded Paper) TechniqueIris folding is a technique that combines different colored folded paper strips into a spiral pattern to create different designs. The folded paper spiral is placed behind a hand-cut top sheet of cardstock which reveals the pattern of the card, which can be anything from a piece of fruit to a sailboat or a Christmas design. Some of the most pleasing cards employ folded paper with a colorful printed pattern, but plain colors are also used to good effect.
Mola buttonPicado Mola (Cutout) TechniqueMola cards are made using a template and an X-acto knife. The cut-out top sheet is placed over a background of a different color to make the figure of the design stand out. The charm of this technique is the way in which topsheet features and background are combined to produce the complete figure.Picado (Paper Piercing) Technique

This technique is done using a piercing tool (a single needle tool of a medium gauge) to create designs on cardstock paper. The piercing is guided by printed patterns or by metal templates designed specifically for paper piercing. Each design is made up of hundreds of holes, pierced individually by hand. These cards usually also incorporate other techniques such as Repujado (Dry Embossing) or Bordado (Paper Embroidery) to create a richer effect.

Repujado button Repujado
(Dry Embossing) Technique
Dry embossing is done using a stylus, a metal template and a lightbox. The pattern of the template is pressed into the paper, giving it a raised relief effect. The raised portion is typically colored with chalk or other media to make the design stand out even further. Some cards also incorporate separate pieces which are embossed, cut out by hand, and layered over the rest of the design.
Bordado button Bordado
(Paper Embroidery)Technique
Embroidery on paper uses the basic techniques of embroidery, modified for use with paper products. Patterns are pierced into paper using a piercing tool. The design is then embroidered using embroidery floss and/or metallic thread. The end result is a striking three-dimensional effect, delightful to behold.
Canson Canson
(Parchment) Technique
This is a very delicate and elegant technique which originated in Spain. It involves the use of translucent paper with a design which is embossed, or made up of hundreds of tiny perforations made with special handtools, or both. Designs can be made even more elaborate by the addition of punched-out and layered decorative elements of the same material, such as flowers, articles of clothing, etc. In some cases, hand painting and embroidery are also incorporated to give a very rich overall effect. These cards are truly amazing.
Gift Card Box Gift Card Boxes
With our clear acrylic boxes, you can give 3-5 Creaciones Angel cards as a birthday present, housewarming gift or as a token of appreciation for any occasion! Plus, you can customize your gift, selecting the specific cards you want included in the box. Card boxes filled with your hand-chosen cards make a unique gift that not only delights the recipient but makes a difference in the lives of the girls of Alto Cayma. (Please note: ribbon not included with gift boxes.)To choose the correct gift box for your cards, select a box with the same “number” as the envelope size listed in the cards’ titles (for example, A-2, A-6, 5-1/2 x 5-1/2, etc.). In other words, an A-2 acrylic box will hold 3-5 cards and their accompanying A-2 envelopes.Should you wish to give a box of cards of different widths and lengths, please let us know at the time of your order and we will make every effort to provide a gift card box that can accommodate your selections.